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 Monarchs on parade

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PostSubject: Monarchs on parade   Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:14 pm

{Outside the Symphonia}

They say space is one of the coldest places a man can die. Even with the occasional star to warm you, the vacuum of space pretty much draws the warmth from pretty much everything, leaving it with a thin film of frost as though to say 'Look here, that's where the heat used to be. Not any more. Ha ha ha ha ha.' It took mankind forever to figure out a way to keep a little warmth inside an object in space, even longer to correct the mechanical issues to allow the more complex machines free movement in space. Even today, with all the advancements that the species had managed to accomplish, space was still far too cold for the liking of Jaxian of Deveroux.

Sitting in the cockpit of his 'Astro', Jaxian suppressed a shiver. Between his flight suit, which regulated his internal temperature to keep him warm, and the 32.7 metric tons of metal, circuits, and fluid-filled tubing that made up his mecha, one would think that the bleak cold of space wouldn't be able to touch him. Not true, unfortunately. Maybe it was simply his imagination, or maybe the fool mechanics assigned to maintain his vehicle didn't know their job as well as they should. Regardless of the reason, as soon as he piloted the VA-X out of its berthing dock he could feel the comforting warmth leaching from the mecha.

Maneuvering thrusters fired as Jaxian manipulated the controls in front of him. The slightest touch guiding the mammoth of a machine into position. The technology of the machine was such that, along with the manual controls in front of him, it also responded to thought via a control crown resting on his brow. There were some who liked to joke, behind Jaxian's back of course, that the control crown was the only crown Jaxian would ever get the privilege to wear. Of course, if Jaxian had ever heard that said his noble sensibilities would not allow the speaker to keep his tongue.

Jaxian's VA-X shot through space, arriving at its designated position. As it turned, the heavy cannon clutched in the Mecha's arm rose to attention. Likewise, four other VA-X's quickly arrived, taking up similar positions alongside Jaxian's.

“Squadron report in,” came Jaxian's harsh bark.

“Sub-lieutenant Vash standing by,”

“Sub-lieutenant Rico standing by,”

“Lieutenant Umbrix standing by,”

“Captain Evans standing by, your Grace,”
was the final reply, reported by Jaxian's second in command. “Mecha Wing Alpha ready and waiting your orders, Marquise Deveroux.”

Jaxian allowed a small smile of satisfaction. His unit was the most highly trained in the ARIA fleet, something he was very proud of. Even for something as simple as parade duty, it was important to him to remain the best. Today was an even more important time to be perfect. It was the day that Lady Alexander would be arriving on the Symphonia, and Jaxian had the honor of being her guard detail as she docked on the capitol flagship.

“Stand at the ready, men,” he ordered sharply. “The Lady's vessel will be arriving momentarily.”

As one, the rest of the Mecha's moved to parade rest position and waited. Each was just as committed as Jaxian to provide a royal welcome for their Monarch.

{To be continued.....}
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Monarchs on parade
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