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 Description of Merovia

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PostSubject: Description of Merovia   Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:34 pm

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In the north of Merovia, the climate is very cold, and tends towards harsh winter weather much of the year. The city of Northspan is located here in the cold northern expanses. Northspan boasts an ancient bridge spanning the sea between Merovia and Atiae. The Great Bridge leads from Northspan Castle directly to The Citadel of The Benefactors. Those wishing to devote themselves to the sciences and study with the Benefactors are known to undertake "The Pilgrimage" and cross the bridge. The crossing and march to the Citadel takes the better part of two months.

The middle of the continent is less harsh, with vibrant cities full of culture. The center of the continent is also home to The Great Inland Sea, which is the cradle of civilization for the Lyrans, and where they consider the ancestral home of their race to be. On the shores of The Great Inland Sea is the shining capital city of Illuminaris. Illuminaris is the seat of House Alexander, and is a thriving center of business and politics.

Further towards the south of the continent are arid deserts and vast uninhabited plains. On the southeastern coast of the continent lies Port Azure, which is the major trade center for all of Demeter and the House in general.
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Description of Merovia
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