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 Description of Oisir

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PostSubject: Description of Oisir   Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:43 pm

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Oisir is a string of islands to the north of Ceidonica, and have much the same climate as Atiae. Unlike Atiae however, Oisir is one of the more heavily populated areas of Demeter. The Lyrans and Humans that live here are very "salt of the earth" type. Mining is it's generally most renowned export, in fact most of the metals used in the House come from Oisir. Crime rates tend to be high in Oisir, and the going theory is that the reason is mostly boredom or lack of anything better to do with their spare time. This is not to be said that it's not a safe place to live or visit. The Lyrans and Humans here really couldn't care less about anyone else as long as they can live and eke out an existence that makes them happy.

On the westernmost island (Westerland), the city of Ourea serves as an airship port of entry, and a tourist trap of sorts. Many goods and services are offered here, and it is widely known that the local law enforcement turns a blind eye to most of the shopkeepers.

On the middle island (Mittland), the city of Northelm serves as a training facility and academy for the House Alexander Marines. There is little else of note here. Mittland is mountainous, and as such not very densely inhabited.

The easternmost island (Easterland) contains Dargnir Harbor, which is a huge trade facility carved not only into the bay itself, but the mountain behind it. It's an impressive sight for those who have never beheld the inherent logic and beauty in Lyran architecture, as they managed to carve it entirely out of the interior of the mountain without losing any structural integrity.

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Description of Oisir
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