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 Description of User

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PostSubject: Description of User   Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:59 pm

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User is the small continent upon which Humans originally made Landfall. Due to rampant overpopulation and nowhere left to build, the entire continent is effectively one massive cityscape. This is not to say that it is ugly by any means. Most of the architecture to be found there ranges from Victorian to Art Deco, but always maintains the same aesthetic within a district. Many of the Humans that live here are direct descendants of those who never really learned (or flat refused) to co-exist with the Lyrans and Benefactors, and they still cling to the old prejudices.

On the northernmost tip of the continent lies New Mecca, which is a major center of literature, music, and art. There is an academy here that instructs it's students only in the fine arts, and offers no technical courses whatsoever.

On the southeastern tip of the continent lies Kairos, which is a huge metal foundry and laboratory facility. It is responsible for much of the advance of technology on Demeter (and within the house) through reverse engineering of centuries old Lyran technologies. It is strictly guarded by what is commonly called The Kairan Guard. It is also in Kairos that new ships for ARIA and Trans-Fleet are built.

On the westernmost island in User, the city of New Columbia serves as the one melting pot of the entire continent, where Lyrans and Humans can (begrudgingly, for the Humans there) work together. It is a brilliant art deco styled city that is said to rival the beauty of even Illuminaris.
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Description of User
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