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 Description of Ceidonica

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PostSubject: Description of Ceidonica   Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:51 pm

pronunciation: (Sai-Don-Ee-Kuh)

Ceidonica is considered the breadbasket of Demeter. Counting from North to South, there are 24 rivers that run through the continent. While most of them are relatively small, they do enable the whole of the continent to be perfectly suited for farmlands. It is said that the soil is so rich that anything could grow on Ceidonica.

In the northwestern part of the continent, the city of Portos Hyleas serves as a major entry point as well as a center of trade. It is a massive city, easily the largest on Demeter.

In almost precisely the dead center of the continent, the city of Ansel serves as a food storage facility for not only the continet, but for all of the House. It is under strict and heavy guard at all times. Ansel also contains an academy for those who wish to become bio-engineers and agricultural engineers.

In the southeast of the continent, the city of Prosperity serves as a point of contact and trade between the continent of User and the rest of Demter. This was put into place as the Userians refuse to deal with Lyrans under normal circumstances, and will only do so when forced. From Prosperity, Userian goods are distributed throughout the entire House.
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Description of Ceidonica
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